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4 Types of Popular Promotional Items for Business

When you think of promoting your business, what comes to mind? Perhaps you are thinking of recording a commercial to play on the local radio or television station. Or, maybe you are thinking of putting up a billboard as a way to generate buzz about your business? While these may be useful, they aren’t as effective as promotional products and branded merchandise. These are products that can build brand awareness for your business simply by placing your logo on various products. At Strategic Imaging, we specialize in custom branding for your and promotional products. Click the link below to view our custom branding capabilities. 

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Custom Pens & Office Supplies 

Pens are a useful and welcome tool at any business office. And the benefit of using a pen as your promotional product is that they are affordable, take up very little space and can be branded with important information, including the phone number and address for your business. 

Pens aren’t the only promotional items that can be useful around an office, though. Other options include: 

  • Folders 

  • Clipboards 

  • Notepads 

  • Whiteboards 

  • Calculators 

Bags & Backpacks 

Bags and backpacks are another useful item that can be easily branded with your company’s logo. While they can be more expensive, they are an excellent gift for employees who travel often. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your taste.  


A good cup or mug is something everyone can appreciate. Whether someone is drinking their morning coffee, taking a glass of water with lunch, or keeping your favorite soda cold, they’ll be doing it with your company’s logo on the side of their cup. With a cup as a promotional product, you can guarantee your business’s logo is seen almost every day. 


Whether it’s a work shirt for your employees to wear around the office or out on call with a customer, or a T-shirt to give away at a trade show, promotional apparel is a great way to build brand recognition for your business. And while you may typically think of shirts when you think of promotional apparel, it can also include:  

  • Dress shirts 

  • Jackets 

  • Hats 

  • Sunglasses 

The important thing to remember when considering using these ideas as branded merchandise for your business is to work with a supplier that can give you a wide range of options. If you have any questions about how Strategic Imaging can assist you with your custom branding needs, please contact us directly to get in touch with our experts. 

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