Our Printing Equipment

Strategic Imaging's Presstek 75DI Printer

Presstek 75DI: 

Our 75DI is a five-color offset press with aqueous
coatings to protect your finished product.
Ink: 5 Color + Aqueous 
Print Quality: 2540 dpi up to 300 lpi
Minimum Sheet Size: 11" x 8"
Max Sheet Size: 31.02" x 23.62"
Max Image Area: 29.92" x 22.83"
Stock Weight: 40 lb. text to 24 pt. card

Strategic Imaging Xerox iGen 150 Digital Printing Press

Xerox iGen 150
Digital Production Press: 

This equipment was specifically designed to handle your complex variable data print projects.
Print Quality: 2400 x 2400 imaging system
Minimum Sheet Size: 7"x 7"
Max Sheet Size: 14.33"x26"
Max Image Area: 14.2"x25.9"
Stock Weight: 60 lb. text to 130 lb. cover

Strategic Imaging varioPRINT 110 Black & White Printer

Canon varioPRINT 110
B/W Digital Printer: 

Our Canon boasts all the variable capabilities of our iGen, but in black and white for cost-effective, relevant mailers and imprints.
Max Sheet Size: 12.6" x 19.2" 
Max Image Area: 12" x 18.8"
Stock Weight: 24lb Bond to 110lb Cover

Strategic Imaging Xante Illumina Color Envelop Press

Xanté Illumina
Digital Color Envelope Press

This unique envelope press provides high quality, full color variable envelopes and is affordable even for your short-run projects.
Window Envelopes
with “Laser Safe" Window Only
Max Envelope Size: 12"x18"
Max Image Area: 11.5"x17.5"
Stock Weight: 20lb Bond to 100lb Cover




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