Mail Type

USPS Mailing Formats

This is how most mailings — either postcards, envelopes, or self-mailers — are classified. For more information or to discuss pricing options, click here to email us.



EDDM® - Saturation MailingUse Strategic Imaging to Create a Saturation Marketing Mailer

Every Door Direct Mail® is a saturation mailing determined by USPS carrier routes. It may be a commercial mailing, offering residence and businesses the opportunity to receive your mailing, or it may be a residential mailing - allowing you to target the audience based on your message. Saturation mailings are cost effective, only requiring a fraction of bulk mailing rates, and an opportunity for lower per-piece production costs for higher quantities.  




PostStrategic Imaging can create a postcard mailing piececard Mailings

A postcard is a small oblong card that cannot exceed 6 inches in width. These mailers are the most cost effective type of mailings, but also offer the least amount of content space. They are able to mail first-class or standard, are machinable, and automatable. Consider this mail-type to maximize your postage budget for high-quantity mailings.  





Letter MailingsStrategic Imaging Letter Mailing Example

This is where most mailings, either postcards or envelopes are classified as. Letter mailings are determined by size and must not exceed 11.5 inches in length or 6.125 inches in height. Any mailed letter must not exceed 3.3oz in weight or will be subject to surcharges. Consider this as the go-to mail type for most projects.




Flat MailingsStrategic Imaging Flat Mailings Example

Like the name, flat mailings are specifically for large-unfolded mail pieces, like newsletters. Mailings specified under this type are longer then 11.5 inches or wider then 6.125 inches. While it is one of the more expensive mail-types, consider this to eliminate extra finishing requirements like tabs or folding.





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